about poppy faye

My name is Eden Waldron and I am the owner and designer of Poppy Faye Floral. I started my journey in the floral world in January of 2014. I never felt a strong connection or desire to go to college, so after one semester I decided to go to a floral “school.” As soon as I got my certificate I started working in a small flower shop. I learned so much there! After 3 years, I felt a strong urge to branch out on my own and focus on weddings and pop-up events. After nearly 5 years at the flower shop , i quit to pursue Poppy Faye full-time! I’ve always leaned toward the creative and artistic side. Flowers for me are the perfect medium. I actually get giddy when I start to create something and everything is meshing together.


I always get asked about the name of my business and truthfully, it’s nothing terribly meaningful! When I was starting out and trying to figure out a name, I knew I wanted it to have something with “Faye.” I’ve always loved that name since I was young (Thanks to the movie That Thing You Do!) The Icelandic poppy is my favorite flower and I just put the two together because it had a nice ring to it. Thus Poppy Faye Floral! This business is truly what I am passionate about and I find so much joy in arranging flowers and playing with different textures, elements and color palettes. That's why my desire is to create a lasting impression  through playful and modern florals.